Logo and Business-Card Designs

Logos for websites, letterheads, cards, & advertising :

Bright-idea logo for Don Diehl's tutoring company Get the Learning Started!

Bright-idea logo for tutor Don Diehl

Bass extension logo for Colorado Symphony bassist Susan Cahill.

Colorado Symphony bassist Susan Cahill's logo shows the extension on the scroll of her bass

Double-L logo for Denver family-law attorney Karen Lamprey.

Double-L logo for Lamprey Law, the family-law practice of Karen Lamprey

Cello logo for Minnesota Orchestra Associate Principal Cellist Silver Ainomäe.

Cello logo of Minnesota Orchestra Associate Principal Silver Ainomäe

Kinzie Violin Studio logo for Suzuki violin teacher Karen Kinzie.

Suzuki teacher and Colorado Symphony violinist Karen Kinzie's studio logo

Denver event violinist Susie Peek's Peek Performances logo

Logo of Denver special-event violinist Susie Peek

Ampersand logo of Denver estate planner Lucia Lamprey.

Ampersand logo of Denver estate planner Lucia Lamprey

Bass-clef logo of Colorado Symphony Principal Bassoonist Chad Cognata.

Bass-clef logo of Colorado Symphony Principal Bassoonist Chad Cognata

A logo on your website connects the site to your brand.

But beyond that, websites need logos. There's an internet tradition that clicking the logo will take you to the site's Home page.

Most of the logos shown here were fully designed for use on business cards, letterheads, promotional materials, and advertising as well as on websites. A few are simpler font-based logos intended for the website onlyand provided at significantly lower cost. Can you tell which are which?

Business cards to match your website:

Don Diehl business card front
Don Diehl business card back

The back of Don's card displays a QR code, scannable by many phones and tablets, that opens his website

Silver Ainomäe business card front
Silver Ainomäe business card back

Silver's minimalist card shows the photo from the Contact page of his site

Lucia Lamprey business card

The pinstripes on Lucia's card are embossed into the card stock

iDesignMagic card

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