Hover over the questions to see the answers:

  • Why custom? What's wrong with templates? Aren't template sites cheaper?
  • Why hire you? What do you offer that other designers don't?
  • What is search-engine optimization (SEO)?
  • What do you mean, “Personal service”?

What's wrong with templates?

Template websites may be cheaper, but they look like templates. They're boring.

Instead you can have something unique, designed for you alone, something memorable that stands out from the crowd.

iDesignMagic will create a website that makes a statement, that's as individual as you are.

What we offer that others don't:

  1. Unique imaginative designs: websites and logos that get noticed because they don't look generic.
  2. Editorial services: Does writing make you crazy? iDesignMagic provides expert editorial assistance at no extra charge. You don't have to be a writer to have a well-written site.
  3. Explanations: Do you find all this baffling? Do tech guys speak some crazy foreign language? We explain the web in plain English and make sure you know what you need to know.
  4. SEO: Your website coded for search-engine optimization.

Seach-engine optimization (SEO):

When someone Googles your business, you want your website to show near the top of the results.

Google lists results based on specific criteria. The most important are:

  1. Links to your website. But not from any website; from certain websites that Google considers trustworthy. iDesignMagic can tell you how to identify them.
  2. How your site is coded. Keywords, titles, and URL's matter. iDesignMagic writes all code with SEO in mind.

Personal service guaranteed:

We work with you throughout the design process.

It starts with an interview and questionnaire about the purpose of the site and your aesthetics and wishes. You see each webpage as it's developed. We take your comments and make changes accordingly, and you sign off on the final design.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal.