Some examples of the Wizard's work.

Colorado Symphony Concertmaster Yumi Hwang-Williams

Colorado Symphony Concertmaster Yumi Hwang-Williams' Home page.

Site includes a Press Kit page with downloadable bios and high-resolution photos.

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Yumi's Audio page

Yumi's Audio page, with playable clips. The site is responsive to different screen sizes.

Home page for the Colorado Young Sinfonia

Home page for the Colorado Young Sinfonia, the premier chamber orchestra for Colorado young artists.

Site includes an Audio page with playable clips.

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CYS Calendar page

CYS Calendar page shows a table of upcoming concerts and a map to the next one. After each performance, the concert is automatically removed from the table and the next concert's map is shown.

The site is responsive to different screen sizes.

Denver tutor Don Diehl

Denver tutor Don Diehl 's Home page. Don's favorite color is yellow.

Don's lightbulb logo was designed by iDesignMagic.

Don Diehl

Don's Location page, showing photos of and maps to his two Denver classrooms.

This photo shows the Stapleton location. Clicking 'Highlands' causes the black panel to flip over and display the photo and map on the other side—a striking 3-D effect.

Tutor Don Diehl

Don's Students page, with a photo gallery and short video of Don in action. The video was edited by iDesignMagic.

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Dessert caterer Beth Brown

Baker and dessert caterer Beth Brown's Home page.

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Beth's Mini-Desserts page, showing pop-up photos of cupcakes, cookies, mini-cheesecakes, eclairs, tarts, brownies, and truffles.

Denver event violinist Susie Peek

Denver wedding and special-event violinist Susie Peek's Home page, with two testimonials from delighted customers. Click the photo to visit her site.


Susie's Music Samples page, where site visitors can listen to sound clips of Susie playing with a pianist, cellist, and harpist.

Her customers use this page to select an ensemble and music for their wedding or celebration.

Denver mediator and arbitrator Robin Rossenfeld

Denver mediator and arbitrator Robin Rossenfeld's Home page.

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Robin's Why Mediate? page, with reasons presented in pop-up windows.

The checkerboard background is created dynamically, and changes with every page visit or reload.


Robin's Practice Areas page, with descriptions of mediation, arbitration, and facilitation.

Robin is a repeat customer, a partner in the online mediation training firm CMC, whose website was created by iDesignMagic (scroll down for a peek).

Cellist Silver Ainomäe

Silver Ainomae's Home page.

Silver is a much-sought-after soloist and Principal Cello of the Minnesota Orchestra.


Silver's Contact page.

Silver wanted a modern look. The site features fade-ins, movement, and programmed interactivity, and includes audio clips and video. Click the picture to visit.

Denver family-law attorney Karen Lamprey

Denver family-law attorney Karen Lamprey's Home page.

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Karen's Practice Areas page, with expansion windows supplying details.


Karen's Contact page, with her email and phone numbers, a Google map, and directions to her west Denver office.

Home page for Conflcit Management Consultants

Home page for Conflict Management Consultants, which offers online classes in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

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Conflict Management Consultants' Contact page

CMC's Contact page, with a form for questions. Questions entered here are automatically emailed to the CMC staff and also saved to a file for download to a spreadsheet.

Colorado Symphony violinist and teacher Karen Kinzie

Kinzie Violin Studio website.

Suzuki Violin teacher and CSO violinist Karen Kinzie's Home page.

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Karen Kinzie

Karen's About page.

On most desktop and laptop platforms, the text and headline scroll while the sidebar, photo, and footer remain fixed. iPhones and other mobile devices receive a static page.

Karen Kinzie

Karen's Lessons page, with an overview of her teaching, testimonials from students and parents, and snapshots of some of her students.

The page contains a video of Karen giving a master class.

School psychologist Mary Sandoval-Rome

School psychologist Mary Sandoval-Rome provides student assessments for schools that lack funds for a full-time psychologist.

Her customers are public, private, and charter schools, so she wanted her site to look tidy and professional yet eye-catching.


Mary's References page, with buttons to download her resume and a list of her professional references.

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Mary's Contact page, showing her email address and phone and fax numbers for both her Arizona and Colorado offices.